jake Apr 14, 2011 

I have been coming to Northwest Opticians since 1997 and I will continue as a customer as long as they continue with their outstanding services. The on-site doctors who have worked there have been friendly and thorough. I have never felt rushed. The opticians always treat me with respect and our genuine in their caring attitude. When I stop in for an adjustment or repair, the service is the same. The selection of eyewear is complete from traditional to the modern trends. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else, even though I have retired and am not downtown every day. 


jeff  Dec 1, 2008 

 Wonderful atmosphere, very knowledgeable opticians. The best eye exam and eyeglass purchasing experience I have ever had! Dr. Albrecht was so wonderful and thorough. After my exam, the friendly and knowledgeable opticians gave me perfect personalized service. Most times when I visit an optician I am lost in the crowd as just another person to cram in the front door and shoo out the back door as quickly as possible. Not at Northwest Opticians though. Not one, but two opticians took the time to work with me to find the perfect frame from their large selection. Then they told me that my glasses would be ready the next day. I was expecting to wait at least a week, if not more. The exam was great, the service was great, the timing was great. What else is there to say? It's nice to know that there still are opticians out there who will take the time to treat their patients right.


jason  Nov 11, 2008

Unconventional, Sophisticated...? It isn't often that you find a store that can be described by two words that otherwise wouldn't be found sitting next to one another in a sentence. Northwest Opticians has created something quite amazing. I thought I knew what to expect upon walking in to the store; I was completely mistaken. First, is it a coffee shop with an optical shop attached? Or is an optical shop, that just happens to have a coffee shop attached? Does it matter? I walked in through the Dunn Brothers and worked my way over to the optical side and browsed a bit. The guy behind the counter made a point to acknowledge me when I walked in, and as soon as he finished helping the customer at the counter worked his way over to help me. I had enough time to glance through the displays, and I was blown away by the classy inventory. The feel of the store is kind of funky, it has a nice metropolitan look and feel without being snooty. The inventory ranges from almost eclectic to reserved and sophisticated. You can tell that the guy who helped me would never sell you something that doesn't look good. And what's better than sitting down for a good cup of coffee with confidence, knowing that you look good? The prices are outstanding too!


katie - Jun 24, 2009

Fantastic Selection - Great Recommendations

 The staff all took their time to help me pick out new glasses - a process that took over 3 months. They were always willing to show me new frames and make recommendations on what looked best. Additionally, I was able to try three different brands of contacts as samples to make sure my eyes were comfortable wearing them. The service was great, as was the atmosphere!



April 16, 2009 by David 

Above and Beyond

 I was minutes away from leaving town for a week, when I accidentally broke my glasses. My wife was left with the job of getting them replaced, while i made due with an old pair. She called Northwest Opticians where I originally purchased the glasses. They were extremely helpful. The frames were discontinued, but they still managed to locate a pair. They fitted my old lenses into the frames, and since my wife was in a cast with a broken foot, they did all the leg work. They packaged the glasses, walked them to the post office and overnighted them to me. I can see clearly again. And it was very affordable too. You guys are the best. Thanks.


November 16, 2008 by nancy 

Dr. Toni Albrecht

 I recently had an excellent, throrough eye exam with Dr. Toni Albrecht at Northwest Opticians. I'm usually nervous going for an eye exam, but Dr. Albrecht made me feel comfortable and she was so helpful in answering my questions. She is very knowledgeable and explains things in a very understanding way. I am now able to see better than I ever have! She is the best!



August 21, 2008 by Anna in Saint Paul, MN


 Excellent, fast service by a group of experienced professionals. Top quality products, offering state of the art technology. My first visit to these fine opticians, but for sure not my last.



September 15, 2008 by Anne in Saint Paul, MN

To die for amazing! This shop is the coolest and most unique optical shop I've ever been in. I've never seen such awesome and stylish frames and sunglasses! The opticians are the nicest and most helpful people I've ever come into contact with. I can't wait to tell all my friends, co-workers and family about Northwest Opticians. I love the fact that it is connected to Dunn Bros. and you can have a drink and an awesome lunch from the outdoor grill.