At Northwest Optician we offer a variety of services:

* Vision Check: Your eyes deserve the best of care, including an annual checkup. Your prescription will stay up to date and you won’t miss the opportunity to catch treatable eye diseases.

* In-house Lab: Need your new glasses today? We can help you out (depending on your prescription and choice of frames). Our lab also does the finishing work on many of the lenses that come in from outside sources, so you know that you’ll always be assured of top quality.

* Fittings & Adjustments: Improperly fitting glasses can contribute to eye and facial strain, not to mention sore noses! At Northwest Opticians you can get a professional adjustment with a fresh cup of Dunn Bros. coffee in hand!

* Referrals: Should you need to be seen by an ophthalmologist we can draw on our years of experience to direct you to another professional who will take good care of your needs.